University Intellectual Property

The spin-out businesses created by Graphene Enabled will operate in distinct, well defined markets. To underpin the future development of the spin-out businesses The University of Manchester will grant each spin-out business an exclusive license to use relevant University background IP. However, under the terms of every license the use of this IP will be restricted to the specific market and application in which the spin-out business operates.

The University’s patent portfolio in 2D materials currently includes more than 40 patent families. These patents have been generated as a result of work carried out in the academic schools. Although the IP covers both, the processes for manufacturing the 2D materials and their use in applications, Graphene Enabled Systems will focus its activities principally on product applications. As new unassigned patents are registered, the opportunities to create new spin out businesses will expand.

The patent families cover the following areas:

  • Production of pure graphene and functionalised graphene
  • Production of other 2D and functionalised 2D materials
  • Graphene aerogels
  • Graphene based composites
  • Graphene membranes
  • Formulation of graphene based inks and coatings
  • Graphene based thermo-electric materials and devices
  • Hetero structures comprising graphene and other
  • 2D materials

Spin-Out Intellectual Property

As each spin-out business grows and builds its product range it will develop its own application specific intellectual property and process know-how.