The Graphene Enabled business model


Creation of spin-out businesses, by Graphene Enabled, will allow a highly effective exploitation of the commercial opportunities that reside within The University of Manchester’s IP portfolio.

Industrial partners, investors, entrepreneurs and suppliers in the spin-outs will have a unique opportunity to benefit from the explosive growth predicted from the new “Graphene Industrial Revolution”.

To maximise the chances of the spin-out businesses being successful, Graphene Enabled will, prior to their creation, carry out an analysis of the technology and associated IP. It will then research and characterise the target markets, clearly define the product’s competitive advantage and prepare financial and operational plans.

For each spin-out, Graphene Enabled will also create a high-quality product demonstrator to show competitive advantage and improve the quality of engagement with the market.

Graphene Enabled business model


This preparation work will help to ensure that every spin-out is founded on a robust businesses case supported by high-quality market feed-back.

The Graphene Enabled business model has been designed to de-risk investments made in the new spin-out businesses. As each project progresses and investment partners are identified, a specialist management team for each of the new spin-out businesses will be created. Graphene Enabled will continue to provide management support to the new spin-out businesses up until the time they are strong enough to be self-sustaining.

Rather than speculating on unproven scientific research, investors will now be able to make more informed decisions as to whether or not to invest in a new technology.

Graphene Enabled will hold no equity in the spin-out businesses. Once the spin-out has been created it will be owned by the external investors and The University of Manchester. The academics responsible for the licensed background IP will also be awarded a percentage of the University’s equity in recognition of their scientific contribution to the new business.

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